Paperless and Collaboration Technology


What does that word mean to you? For many of our clients we have worked to move data from their satellite locations to the cloud for instant access from the central office. Paperless solutions eliminate the need for costly mail, couriers, and bank boxes full of tax records and other financial documents. Big-name companies will charge you thousands for a proprietary “paperless” system that will never work correctly. Innovation, to us, means that it works correctly every time without breaking the bank.

Think about your hiring processes – how much paperwork does a new employee fill out? Once the paperwork is done, what happens to it? If the answer is that it gets entered into a computer, or gets filed away, your process can be made more efficient through GROUND Security’s innovative data input systems. We’ve built our technology on globally-proven platforms that aren’t susceptible to the same issues as the expensive, proprietary paperless management systems.


Let’s go a step farther – besides taking your data¬†electronic, what if you could get your data to speak to you? GROUND Security can tie in simple and effective collaboration systems to your data which brings information to life. A customer emails in an order – where does it go? If it goes to a human, that leaves room for error. If we apply logic to that same email, we can set assignments, reminders, due dates, look up the customer information… whatever your business needs for a seamless and error-proof workflow.

Contact us¬†to discuss your specific needs. We’ll go into detail on what we can do for your business and how it can reduce your bottom line.

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